PZ Cussons Group Project.

Now that the Hatton brief has been completed, of which I was extremely pleased with the outcome of, and didn’t want to stop working on, my attention has now turned to the PZ Cussons Brief that we have ongoing. So with the PZ Cussons brief were at the stage where we are working in teams to put our different expertise together to try and present something to the PZ crew that they are going to be impressed by. So as a group we have looked into what kind of visual styles could be used, which lead to us all agreeing that a mixture of Little Big Planet and the British Gas adverts would be a good direction to go in. So over the weekend everyone in the group has had a different task to complete. I have been working on the aesthetic of the globes, where each globe represents a different country in which PZ Cussons operate and trade. So below you can see an image of what our proposal may look like.


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