ESPN Deliverables Direction

After initially looking at the brief, at first I was definitely going down the road of creating a video piece for the core amount of work. But because I am trying to make my own niche in branding and interactive design I am going to just propose a few storyboard ideas for how the video could work if made. And the core thing I am going to create for this brief is an app, aimed at young people, aged late teens to late twenties. I plan for the app to give the audience something they will enjoy but at the same time something useful. The app shall have social media built in so that people can tell their friends about what’s going on in the footballing world, with the app right at the heart of it. The app shall also be a lead into other areas of ESPN like Online, Print, TV and Video. I am using the brief to identify the difference between Online and Mobile design, as this is an area I have never ventured into before. In the next few days I should be in the design process for the app, as I have just finished deciding on the content, navigation and flow of the app.


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