Over the past few days I have been creating the app for the ESPN brief. I have decided to create an app that does the things that ESPN GOALS doesn’t do. So the app that I am creating will have social media built into it so that people can discuss and debate the content of the app. The app displays statistics from all of the different competitions in Football for example: Barclays Premier League, FA.Cup, League Cup, Champions League and the Europa League aswell as the lower English leagues. Each Tournament has its own stats section where the user can view the top goalscorer’s and top player and club stats. When thinking about a name for the app I went through quite a lot, but I think I am just going to keep it nice and simple with ESPN STAT. The next thing for me to do is to carry on creating the visuals for the app, show a working mock up/prototype of the app using maybe flash. And to show how ESPN STAT can work across different media platforms, by creating a mock up video storyboard, show how it could work Online and in Print.



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