Mustard Tree?

Over the past few days I have been sketching out a few ideas for the rebrand of the charity mustard tree, who are a charity in Manchester who help people accross the city who find themselves in the situation where they have no home or food. I have chosen this company because I didnt want the company to be a massive organisation, I wanted it to be a small charity that not many people would know about. So that when I go into Manchester to do my Survey, people wont judge it because they know it but they will judge it from face value. Below you can see some very very initial thoughts about type. I will uploud the logo sketches I have done in the next few days.



PZ Cussons Group Project.

Now that the Hatton brief has been completed, of which I was extremely pleased with the outcome of, and didn’t want to stop working on, my attention has now turned to the PZ Cussons Brief that we have ongoing. So with the PZ Cussons brief were at the stage where we are working in teams to put our different expertise together to try and present something to the PZ crew that they are going to be impressed by. So as a group we have looked into what kind of visual styles could be used, which lead to us all agreeing that a mixture of Little Big Planet and the British Gas adverts would be a good direction to go in. So over the weekend everyone in the group has had a different task to complete. I have been working on the aesthetic of the globes, where each globe represents a different country in which PZ Cussons operate and trade. So below you can see an image of what our proposal may look like.

Flash FNF Microsite

Hi since my last post I have pitched the FNF microsite to my fellow colleagues and explained how I plan the microsite to work fully and how it can be used and taken further. Since I have done that presentation, I have continued to try and develop the site as much as possible so that when it gets pitched to the client, they can see how it works and get a real good idea of the potential it may have if developed further. In the microsite “mock up” as I would say as it is only a proposal at this stage, I have tried as much as possible to show how the pages would flow from one to another, how the information comes up in a content box over the pages and how when a content box comes up the background page will fade out. Below you can see how the background fades when the content box comes up.


Over the past few days I have been exploring ways in which I could present the micro site to the guys at Hatton promotions. If I was required to make a full scale build of the site then it would definitely be authored in flash, so to show the transitions of the pages working could I do this much quicker in Dw and whilst at the same time learn a bit more css and html which I plan to do anyway. So yesterday in Uni after talking to another student, by the end of the day I had the home page shifting to the left and displaying the fighter’s page when you click on the buttons at the bottom of the page. My next task is to have the content box coming out of the navigation bar when u click on the pages that have more information than image. I will do another post in a couple of days, whether I have achieved this goal or not, if not the site will end up being in flash. Loving this Brief! Probably the best one I have ever done.

Next step

So now that all of the layout has been finished in Ps the next step is to make it move dance and sing! So I am going to try and figure out the code to make the screen shift left and right, and I also need to figure out how to make the black content box flip up from the menu bar and then have interactive content on that box. I have a week tomorrow to have all of the deliverables completed. Which include: A 15 slide PDF presentation, Another 15 slide presentation which has been authored in Fl, A working micro-site, 2 A3 Boards displaying branding and visual aesthetic and to have my research collected together and organized.